Snowdownia Trip

Last week, myself and Brendan went to Snowdownia and had a day flying FPV around the mountains.
There’s too much for one video so I’m going to split the video into a couple of parts (maybe more?)

This is an edit of the first set of flights. These were the warm up before the main event… to follow…


Cracking location Richard :ok_hand:t2: @notveryprettyboy @Steviegeek Wings! :star_struck:

Oh Yes :laughing: :laughing:

Yeah gutted I couldn’t get the Friday off… Oh yeah wings! I actually enjoyed mine on Sunday for the first time, shame it crashed, fail safed, and tried to return to home and busted motor and ESC! Though running 10mw TX power from ELRS TX might not have helped, lol! TBH 10mw went a long way!!

Rapidly becoming in the mood…

Just wait for the next one… lets say Martin would not be taking his leisure battery.

heh that’s what the lifepo4 is for, can carry that miles :wink:

hmm… the hill was quite steep… and a long way up.

Lets say, Brendan thought I was mad… he didn’t when he saw where we got to fly from.

Having flown from half way up to Snowden it’d be lovely to fly Crib Goch, but tbh probably too busy that way!

Can’t wait for the rest of your videos!! :slight_smile:

Well first run through and I’ve put all the rest in one… a lot did hit the cutting room floor mind… but it was duplicate stuff.

And the second video is done!


Wouldnt want to crash over the otherside of the mountain top, that would be quite the walk of shame :grimacing: lol

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Yeah… we actually didnt go quite as far as we could have… maybe next time.