So long Crystalsky

So my Epson Moverios BT-300s arrived on Friday. Got to say they feel like the perfect solution but as the weather has been so rubbish down here, I’ve not used them in anger yet. I’ve just bought a Galaxy Note 8 which actually has a higher nit count than the CS HB at 1200 nits so that can be my tablet when I don’t want to use the glasses.

If anybody is interested in a very little used Crystalsky HB 7.85", details can be found here or just message me!

@peter love a review on your Epson Moverios BT-300s, i have dji goggles and was thinking of selling them for Epson Moverios BT-300s as im in the process of buying another mavic.

Will do mate as soon as the weather picks up a bit, hoping for tomorrow after work…

So, 4 flights with the Moverios now and they are awesome… I would add a caveat that I’ve not flown them in bright sunshine yet but so far the display is amazingly clear and bright. I wear reading glasses yet the display is as sharp as you like for me without glasses, my wife doesn’t need reading glasses yet it’s clear for her too (not sure what magic they use to achieve that). You can also use them for watching 3D and 360 degree videos, browsing, games, etc.

The ability to look straight at the Mavic and yet still see the display is amazing. I can’t precieve any lag although there must be some, I’ve had no app crashes, no problems connecting anything, it all just works. You can double tap the side of the glasses to turn the display off if you just want to view your drone and double tap to get the display back again. I’ve ordered the Solitaire Ace from Rochester Opticals in the US which let you go full immersive fpv if you want or you can attach shades to them, plus they sell shades that attach directly to the Moverios. I ordered the Ace and two pairs of shades yesterday (Thursday) and they are due for delivery on Monday.

I also tried my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and again, no crashes, lovely bright display and it fits straight in the controller’s arms, this is a great solution on its own.

So, early days yet but I would thoroughly recommend the BT-300s as the perfect solution, they allow you to fly fpv and remain legal by keeping LOS if you are in a public place. The battery last for 5 or 6 hours, they are very light, comfortable to wear and you don’t look quite as big a nob as you would wearing DJI Goggles, Headplays, etc. :smiley: