So she's gone, but she won't be forgotten


Just a few of the hundreds of photos taken by my Mavic Pro in the year or so that I owned her. I can’t believe I’m sentimental about a bloody drone but owning her put me in places where I probably wouldn’t have gone, just to film and photograph. Hopefully the Air fulfils the same role while I wait for the Mavic 2 to be released… :slight_smile:


Bloody hell @Peter there’s some cracking photos in that highlight reel :clap:

I knew you’d regret selling it :roll_eyes: :wink:


Somelovely images in there! One so lovely it appears three times I think :wink:


Thanks Rich, it was definitely a wrench but I’m sure the new MP2 will fill her place… :smiley:


Wow, bit below the belt…

I agree, these 3 are pretty similar but if you check them out they are different (look at the people). I just threw that vid together in 15 minutes not expecting such scrutiny… Skogafoss blew me away, maybe I got a bit carried away.


Sorry Peter, no offence meant. They are stunning images,

I’ve managed to include very similar footage accidenatally (or subconsciously because I liked it so much)l wasn’t sure if that wa s the case here. Either way, great shots!


Way too fast, can’t fully appreciate them!


Sorry James, I have been nicknamed Victor (Meldrew for those of a senior disposition) in the past, no offence taken mate…


Photos never go down well on YT Steve and this was just a quick video mainly for Instagram. But, you can slow the video down to quarter speed on YT if you want to. :smiley:


LOVE those waterfall pics :star_struck:


ok I’ll give that a try, has this sold now?
I have someone after one for a Cadet unit



It has Steve… :frowning: