So this Happened


Got an email from a publishing house wanting to publish one of my early drone pictures in a Country File magazine.

Was dubious at first, but after some research on them it turned out to be legit.

Here is the printed article.

It was by no means the best shot I did of the place on that day, but must have ticked some boxes for them.

I found this website for working out the price to charge after researching the magazine’s circulation


Good result … and nice pic, too! :+1:


Nice pics good to get some recognition for your work😀


It was a nice surprise. I only fly for fun, to expand on my photography hobby.

Never expected to be paid for anything I have shot.


Ties in with :+1:

Can’t believe you didn’t get a "PICTURE COURTESY OF GREY ARROWS" mention in there :rofl:

But in all seriousness, congrats mate, an excellent claim to fame :smiley:


Great photo, but I hope it hasn’t turned you into a commercial pilot, unless you are one already.


As has been mentioned in a few threads recently, luckily selling a photo/video that wasn’t taken with that intention doesn’t “turn you into a commercial pilot”.
It’s the “flight” that is commercial … if it’s undertaken with reward in mind. It cannot be retrospectively classed as “commercial”.

How often you’d have to benefit from such luck before it could be said that someone’s flying is “probably” being undertaken with reward in mind is neither clear or, as far as I am aware, tested.


Certainly wasn’t taken with a view to selling it, but I suspect no-one would pass up the opportunity to sell footage if they have been approached out of the blue.


Congratulations for being published and thanks for sharing this link, makes really interesting reading


Hey there, nicely done!
Could I ask where you had posted the pic for it to be spotted ?

Many Thanks


Thanks. I am pretty sure they found it on my photography website via a Google

Although, I am sure I also posted it elsewhere such as Facebook, on this forum and possibly on other drone related websites.


Well, they clearly found it here - of course :+1:



Looked at your website. Some great pics! :+1:


Thanks, although quite dated now. I think the aerial shots were the last photos I put on there about a year ago or so.


So, theoretically, you wouldn’t need a PfCO if people paid you on a regulat basis for your media but you are only flying for fun am I right?


… it would be very difficult to pretend that you had no intent to make money from it when you took off.

It is that intent that is all important.


:thinking: interesting…