So... what's on your bench at the moment?

While on the subject bangood uk have an offer on baby ar wing £20 cheaper than hobby rc.


Well eventually got around to testing the camera and vista from the big big crash of my T1 ranger (head first into the ground…)

Cleaned and re soldered wires as they had ripped off completely and left a little wire…

Powered up and boom!

Well that’s 150 I thought might need to spend again saved. Onto the T1s replacement now I know I got a VTX!

Solid little buggers these vistas

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I am rebuilding this, it’s was a typical unstable Holy Stone :rofl: so if I ruin it altogether it doesn’t matter, i got the DJI Mini 3 Pro

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What’s the plan for the repair Rod @The-Hive ?

Just some two part epoxy resin? Or some additional strengthening too? :thinking:

Now airworthy – Alien H4 680 frame kit, with Flysky FS-IA10 Rx, Naza V2 FC and OSD, 30A Speedybee Escs, T-motor MN3110 780Kv motors, 11X4.5 APC props, neo-M8N GPS.

Also a generic PDB, 12v UBEC and filter modules, and homebrew nav lights. And a lot of wire.

But that’s not all. I’m experimenting with a cheap ‘n’ nasty NDVI setup to map crop health*. This requires a red image and an IR image, and involves:

2X HS1177-type CCD cameras (unbranded) - original lenses replaced with 8mm ones – (internal) IR blocking filter removed from one sensor and 850nm IR narrowband filter stuck inside that camera’s lens. These feed a stereo video unit “3D/Multi View Product” (which Flying Tech seems not to have in stock at this time) The cameras are underneath the bird, pointing straight down.

The unit gives me a choice of side-by side images (either (a) half the field at camera resolution, or (b) the compressed full field at half camera resolution, toggled from the radio) as well as a range of unused image-in image options. For navigation, a third camera, a Caddx Ratel 2, is used. The outputs from the 3D unit, the raw Ratel video and the Ratel-Naza OSD video are selected by a channel switch and my choice goes to the AKK DVD/VTX.

And that gives me a video stream from which I can extract simultaneous pairs of stills in KdenLive. One’s RGB and the other’s 850nm IR. Extract the RGB red layer, extract the IR “green” layer, superimpose, add transparent “blue” layer, combine into false-colour image, align “R” “B”& “G” layers, then do some maths in ImageJ, and so to bed….simples.

Your assignment, which will be part of the module mark ……

Any questions? :slight_smile:

*Might also be good for landmines.


Nice project @oldnick :smiley:

Did you not fancy trying an old Sequoia multispectral camera? They can be had on eBay for less than £100 quid these days :+1:t2:

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Thanks for the suggestion; hadn’t seen those, and the Alien’s big enough to carry anything!

They’re a very capable camera for crop monitoring, even by today’s standards.

And they’re a steal a their current market price :slight_smile:

Ok, it’s April 1st. And as it’s after midday, you’re the fool :-). Current retail price over £3000…

Did you miss this part?

And probably more :person_shrugging:t2:

OK, apologies. But I remain suspicious of something whose starting bid is E90 from France and ~ $2500 from the USA. I don’t know enough about the market to take the plunge, and if I had a serious need to be doing NDVI, I would swallow my pride, empty my wallet and buy one of DJI’s or Autel’s offerings! Thanks again.

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No worries mate :slight_smile:

They come up in the UK from time to time too, but as they’re so old now they’re few and far between, was just throwing it out there as a suggestion if you’re in to remote sensing for crop health - it’s been something of a passion and a career for the last decade or more :blush:

Fascinated by your build though, keep the pics and details coming :smiley:

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Following on from a few other phone repairs

Now we have an iPad Mini 2 that needs a screen replacement

Ok, thanks for coming back. Your experience is valuable: I wasn’t even aware that the current Sequoia+ was so highly priced above an older effectively discounted version - which remains of interest, thanks… What form does the video take, would be my next question? Serial RGBI frames, perhaps? Analogue, or would I have to get some digital kit? It’s a fascinating topic, for sure.

Good news the top Digitizer is off and the main screen seems ok


LCD is removed, just some cleaning up to do and then fit the new digitizer


I have a spare arm with motor, a bit of wire cutting, stripping and soldering, glue the body back together. Now I got the Mini 3 Pro it will probabally end up in the workshop for ever (or the bin) :smile:

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… my WingWing Z84 under going a rebuild with some enhancements

  • T-Motor AT2310-2200KV
  • 45A BLheli32 ESC
  • JX servos 1181MG, metal linkages
  • Balsa Elevons, larger area than OG

Building for speed and agility, aiming for 150mph :thinking:

BIG SHOUT out to Steve @stevesb for doing the graphic for me :+1: :+1: :+1:


That is brilliant.
You’re welcome.

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