Socially Distanced - Pocket 2


Looks like the supporters at a Birmingham City match! (Old Jasper Carrott joke)


Whatever happened to Jasper?

At the age of 76 and with an estimated net worth of £50million, and in poor health ( heart bypass etc. ) I suspect he’s retired

Thanks for the info…liked Jasper…especially his inept Detective series with Robert Powell… :+1:

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I used to go to his Rock with Laughter Xmas dos at the NEC, you didn’t know who was on until the night when you got there, but the tickets sold out within a couple of days every year! Absolutely brilliant!
Rick Wakeman, Lenny Henry, Dame Edna Everidge, Alan Carr, Jimmy Carr, Dara O’Brien, Tony Iommi, Jeff Lynne, Jo Brand, Chris de Burgh, Elkie Brooks to name but a few!

Loved JC as a kid/younger man.

Then I met him, what a complete and utter bellend

Funny as fuck though on stage

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