SOLD - Complete Cinewhoop kit minus the props

Unused still in shipping cartons/bags.
Will ship by tracked post or you can collect from TN13 post code. Was going to build a cinewhoop 18 months ago. Haven’t started it and now really can’t be fussed with it so offering here before putting it on fleabay. It is all absolutely MINT.
Complete bundle £750 ono.

You might not be fussed, but I can just about make out a postal address.

Just saying in case you had not realised and wanted to change a photo.

Also, that looks like a cracking piece of kit!

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That’s a pretty comprehensive list of equipment and a very good drone.

I’ve just bought the BNF updated version and I’m really happy with it.

You may get more interest by offering to split the items (drone parts, controller and goggles)

Just my opinion of course.

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I will split it if necessary. I realise that some peeps will have started building their own system and are short of a few parts. It’s possible someone may just want the goggles or the controller and if anyone in that position wants to contact me they can


Thanks for the heads up on the address. TBH I don’t have anything much worth stealing. The car in the drive is 30 years old and on its last And all my drone’s aren’t kept at the house. They are in a private lock up some miles away. But agree can’t be too cautious :+1:t2:


These items have been sold!!!

@canipus I’ve updated the title to reflect this :+1:

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