(SOLD) DJI Avata Pro View Set for Sale (Little usage)

Hi all. Have for sale a DJI Avata Pro View combo kit (not the RC2 is already sold, so ignore from the photos). Flown < 20km. Location Cheshire (could bring to big meet, etc), not looked at postage of this.

  • Avata
  • Motion Controller
  • Goggles 2
  • 3 x Drone Batteries
  • 1 x Goggles Battery
  • All boxes, etc as shown

Not the foam on the goggles 2 is cracked, but this is due to the user “folding” it upwards finding it more comfortable. An official replacement is approx £15-£20, and there are other options available that may suit the purchases face better.

Wanted: £575


Is it compatible with me controller I use with me mini 3 pro ??

I don’t believe it is. Comes with the motion controller (very intuitive to use) and is compatible with the remote controller 2 (not included)

You can use the Goggles 2 with the DJI Mini 3 Pro but you will need the DJI Motion 2

Not sure i understand how these work… :thinking: :thinking:

If you still have it, I’ll be at the big meet … :slight_smile:

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Still for sale this is, and will be available at the Big Meet. Have also got hold of it myself today, and checked the Care Refresh, and it is still in place, with warranty too!! That’s really good news!


Look forward to seeing you Friday :smiley:


I would offer £300

Excellent. You wouldn’t even get second hand Goggles 2 for that… Thanks, but…

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Please mark as sold

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Done :+1:

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