[SOLD] DJI Mini 2 Drone, 3 Batteries, Charging Hub + more. £400 - West Midlands

Ideally I’d like to try and sell this locally as it will probably be a pain to box it all up and cost a fortune to ship.

However I’ll humour it if someone really really wants this, but you’ll have to be patient with me getting boxes for packaging. Postage costs will likely add significent increase in cost, so please take this into consideration as it may end up not being as good a deal as you think. I have no idea how much it would cost to post. I’m guessing anywhere between £15-£50+ depending on how quick you want it and levels of insurance to satisfy us both in case of loss or damage?

Alternatively. I’m happy to try and meet half way, or perhaps through the power of GADC we can do a pass the parcel routine via members we both trust, but this could be risky.

Most of this stuff is barely a year old.

Very well looked after Mini 2, when I do travel with it it was always in the cases as shown inside a well padded LowePro Bag.

Some slight adhesive markings on the top from my peeled off operator ID label. Other than that pristine condition for a used item.

Everything is in full working order.

Either come to me, I come to you, or we can meet in a public place. Cash or bank transfer. No offers below accepted, no swaps, don’t even bother wasting my time haggling. £400.

What you get for £400.
DJI Mini 2 Drone
RC-N1 Controller
Spare Controller Sticks still bagged
All original controller cables for most types of mobile devices (Apple, USB C, Micro USB)
3 Intelligent Flight Batteries
Official DJI Battery Charging Hub
Prop Holder
Gimbal Guard
Sunnylife/Linghuang ND Filters (4,8,16,32,MCUV, CPL)
Skyreat Lanyard Mount for 4-11 inch Phone/Tablet
1 Green Strobon Cree LED with Rear Facing Mount for back legs
1 Red Strobon Cree LED with Rear Facing Mount for back legs (the lights and mount do not take the drone over 250g)
Landing Mat with Pegs and bag
3 pairs of A type propellers
2 pairs of B type propellers
Hardish case for controller
Hardish case for drone
All original packaging (might be some leaflets missing)



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Sorry this is a bit off topic question, but how do you find these filters quality wise? I’m waiting for a set to arrive for my Anafi (they are only ones available for it).


I have nothing to compare them against. I used them when I wanted to introduce some motion blur or enhance long exposures over water. They did the job. Are there better ones? Probably.

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately they are only ones available for Anafi anymore so I didn’t have much choice.

@DDW78 Darren, this one is still available if you’re interested.

I’ve just remembered I’m in London next weekend, Saturday & Sunday (2nd/3rd July) staying in the Paddington area if this is of any use to anyone based further south or those who can get into London easily enough for a handover?

As local sale is looking unlikely, I’ll be sourcing some boxes at the weekend anyway and will weigh it all up for postage estimates. Will remain exclusive GADC sale until I get my next £1 final selling fee offer email from eBay.

Last call on this as I now have an eBay £1 final selling fee offer. It’s boxed and ready to go now and next day courier is approx about £10 apparently. So not as bad as I thought.

This is now sold.Went for £440 on eBay for ref for anyone else thinking of putting on there that is struggling to sell currently.