[SOLD] Mini 3 PRO and Fly More Kit - as New - someone is going to get a bargain...!

Mini 3 bought less than 3 weeks ago to do a comparison with my Autel Nano +, waste of time really as they are pretty much identical, in fact it wouldn’t surprise me if DJI and Autel have factory in China where they make these and just use a different body… ha ha.
I am determined to get a DJI, all my others are Autel, so will keep trying and see which one I get next.
This 3 Pro has done less than 2 hours flying, one full charge on each battery (3 batteries) and about 20 mins on a re-charge on one battery, bought from DJI Direct via their shop-front on Amazon, I wont go into detail what is there but it’s the standard 3 Pro package with DJI RC N1 controller so I was able to fit my 11" tablet, worked fine, you cant fit a bigger screen easily on the DJI RC, in fact I dont know how you would go about it. I’ve posted a pic of the “adapter” I use, cost £0.0.
Once your over 60 a 5" screen is not easy, I had difficulty just seeing the controller (joke…) my 11" makes flying much easier…
Also we have the Fly More Kit, so extra batteries, blades, charger, shoulder bag, etc etc, I’m certain you will know what is in there.
Everything is in the shoulder bag suppled, yes it does all fit, I have the original box which I will put it all into and the Fly More Box, all the little leaflets they put in, everything that came with it really.
This will be a bargain for someone, I’ve got to many so this needs to go to make way for something else, what, I’m not certain yet.
Speaking to DJI, it is the drone the warranty is with not the person, so register the serial number you will have 12 months minus about 3 weeks warranty.

I would really prefer collection in person but would post if absolutely necessary, checking the weight it will be about another £12 tracked, I’m near Portsmouth Hants.
Bargain Price of £595.0 (plus £12 if posted) payment by bank transfer please.
I’m a regular on here and can be confirmed with ‘milkmanchris and or PingSpike’
If interested or questions, PM email me to sort it out.

Cheers Malc

PS : The adapter is from a steel coat hanger, 3" x 3" x 3" to fit a 5" across tablet, (size to suit).

The RC is actually the DJI - RC-N1…

Edited main post too so no confusion :wink:

Hopefully sold - just waiting to hear back :slight_smile:

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Hi, sold, thanks for your assistance…


Updated :+1: