Some help with Pano mode

Went out for a few flights before night shifts whilst the weather was nice this morning and tried to take a few Pano spheres. I managed to get one to work after a fair few goes at stitching but the others just won’t fully stitch. Progress bar makes it almost to the end (very slowly I might add) and then the DJI GO4 app crashes out…no stitched pano. Any suggestions as to what I can do to solve this problem? I don’t use them often but they’re nice occasionally.

Not had any in-app issues with stitching … other than the very low-res result (unless one has the M2P/M2Z, I believe, where the hi-res are stitched by firmware onboard the Mavic).

As a result I’ve pretty much always stitched on the laptop at home.

Like Dave, I have never tried stitching in GO4, but through photo editing software.

I would take the high res originals (34 for a sphere) and import them to ICE (microsoft software, free download) to stitch the originals together, then finish it off in photoshop or other photo editing software. You can then upload the final to to get an interactive 360 or similar site.

OzoneVibe helped me with all this so thanks to him really.

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Unfortunately not available for MAC OS!

An opportunity to have a dig at Apple here, but I won’t, I guess it boils down to choice and what you have been bought up on, personally I’m a Windows and Android man, and at 63 I’m not going to change now.

For those using Windows ICE is a great bit of software for stitching shots together.

Had a suggestion to try PTGiu which des the same, I think. Just downloaded the free version and intend to give it a try

There are several MacOS apps - PTGui, Hugin, GigaPan (perhaps others) - but to the best of my knowledge, and from experience of ones that are available in Windows form too, all their free versions produce heavily watermarked panoramas, or have some other restriction that makes them “unusable”, unless you pay.
And, from memory, none are cheap.
Stiching Panoramas is possible in more recent versions of Lightroom and Photoshop than I have, too, I believe … but that’s never free either.

Didn’t think LR could do a 360, but never tried! :thinking:. Going to give that a try tomorrow, and see if it likes it!

I think I recall @callum mentioning that he’s used LR?

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I used the merge function more for AEB shots but did try it for panos and it worked alright.

I’ve not got lightroom any more but think it was as simple as highlighting all images, select photo merge then spherical pano and it should do the rest.

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It works brilliantly for stitching panoramas and you can now stitch AEB shots direct into a pano. It’s jsut the total 360 degree sphere that I have never tried, but will now!


I haven’t had any problems stitching panos directly with DJI go - I do them frequently. Wondering what your app is running on … DJI app definitely seems to respond better on an apple device but I am using the Crystal Sky display which is android based and it is working fine. I would consider trying to remove and reinstall the app on whatever device you are using and see if that fixes the issue. Panos are pretty fun!

I’ve had no issues stitching with three different mid-range Android phones, of different ages, over the last year since DJI introduced panos.
All have produced the same, but low res compared to the images used, panos.
I’m still waiting to see the hi-res that the M2P/M2Z can apparently stitch on-board the Mavic before downloading to the device.
It’s interesting to know, in the big Android v IOS debate that the Mavic (and others) firmware is Android. :wink:

I’m definitely an android fan – just with JayForceOne’s comment being about the hanging up during stitching makes me think the software freezing. I just finished dealing with frustrating glitch on my crystal sky which wasn’t letting me land without jumping through hoops … fixed by a clean install … and most of my hair torn out in frustration. LOL

The cover pict on my profile is actually a pano stitched within DJI app and Mavic Pro - -it’s not the best one 'cause all washed out -but a cool profile of my home.


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All of the 360 panos I have used to date have come from the GO4 App .jpg version with some slight adjustments in Lightroom. The have done well but I was interprets to see if there was more quality to be had from stitching RAW images from other software.

Following on with the LR / Photoshop capability to stitch 360 pano I tried it this morning and the basic results are shown here. no adjustments at all. So Lightroom has stitched it but t seems to come for have a misshapen look, I think because the horizon is not in the middle. There other major issues in the obvious join line - not easy to resolve as when working on the image , you can’t see really see this. Doing some google searches - this appress to be the big issue with current LR/PS capabilities.

Going to try PTGui next with the same images, just to do a comparison

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Yup - you need to add “sky” at the top of your result to make the overall dimensions 2:1 w:h

(Looking again - I see something is added - perhaps not achieving that ratio.)

But the improved resolution is easy to see! :+1:

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Yes I agree there is a fair bit more details. Going to have a try in Photoshop and use the content assist to create the additional sky, which is what I guess the Hanger App does where you get the watermark? I didn’t realise it was a 2:1 resolution required, so thanks for that

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