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As I have posted here before I have a good relationship with RAF Brize Norton, allowing me to fly inside the FRZ with permission.
I have just been told of an event yesterday of a drone flying at approx. 2300ft !
The Pilot reported that on approach to the airfield, 9 miles to the East, he saw a white quad copter drone, Poss P3 or P4 about 3 - 4 wing lengths away at about 2300ft.
ATC said that the position would have been just to the East of Farmoor Resevoir (west of Oxford) and that the time would have been 1423Z.

I am hopefully that this was not anybody on here, unfortunately another idiot helping to kill our hobby


Brain dead idiots


Got to be a nerd, na!, Prick ! who has modified it, to be able to fly at that height !.
This is the sort of idiot that is going to fuck it up for the rest of us !.
The amount of times I have said that on here, (and to other drone pilots) is countless !.


Agreed, but the sad thing is no amount of regulation will stop these rouge drones. Trouble is the press would have those without the knowledge believe otherwise.


2300ft? Was it a genuine sighting? There is nothing to gain from making the modifications to fly that high with any serious equipment. Photos would be rubbish, nothing to survey. Just doing it to prove it can be done? Get a life. To cause chaos? Then consider other lives.


Could have been a CX20 or an upair one? Either way bloody stupid.

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Seems the way the world is going these days, full of Nobs and Arse wipes


Yes , it was a genuine sighting, was a Tanker Airbus. A330, had two crewmen watching it after the pilots had it visual.
It was in an area where it is ok to fly following the drone code.
It was 9 miles from Brize.

Also why would it be modified, a mavic has a ceiling of 19685 ft so 2300 is nothing to it.
Still stupidly stupid,

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Let’s not assume it’s true. Your all to quick to accuse just like the media.

I have spoken to the crew and have not reason not to believe what they reported.

Does not prove it’s true though.