Something to ponder

Hi there all of you so ,
I am a new pilot and member I’ve been watching a lot of movies and noticed more and more use of drones for allsorts of things in the production of motion pictures so l thought it would be interesting to see which movie has used drones the most …so if you have any titles let me know and by watching movies it can give you ideas on how to fly your own drone.
Here are 4
American Ultra
Back to the Future part 11 yes that one!
Babylon AD
London had Fallen
So during lockdown l try while watching the movie see how the droneographer (as l call them ) took the shot. In my experience watching (and not actually doing it yet) waterfalls and over water seem the most difficult .
Over to you …

I thought this was really impressive…


The Great Escapists with Richard Hammond on Amazon. Loads of drone shots on there.

Thanks will check it out

Skip to around 3 minutes.