Sony Airpeak drone - Competition for DJI?

Sony are entering the drone market,should be interesting…


Reading through Sony’s mission statement I think they are looking more at the commercial/enterprise market rather than the consumer.

Also looks like it will be released on 2021.

Whatever it is for consumer or pro users, it is great to have more competitors and choice.

Good news.

YES i would agree,but there is very much the possibility of consumer,/prosumer models too…
from reading more into it,it would be a very high chance of this being the case,lets hope :+1: :+1: :thinking
i would welcome this,and i think any Japanese drones,if they are anything near the build quality of most
Japanese electronics,would be very welcome,innovative,reliable,and really help to add that competition
,witch will should help bring the cost down,competition and more manufacturers,can only be good… :+1: :+1: :+1: :wink: :wink:


Think Sony will see a gap in the market now that dji are struggling with US legislation , it may enable them to get an foothold in the market.


Lets hope whoever tries for a foothold does better than GoPro did with the Karma.

Karma did get them ;o)

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Sony now have an Airpeak page

Lets hope that Sony drones can produce a better than that 15 second one they have released.

If the props look like that and have a bit of green backlighting I’ll be getting one lol

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That’s gonna be highly spendy- and that’s just the drone and gimbal! Presume it’s aimed at the professional film-making market…?


Yes yes don’t think I’d want to strap too high an end camera on it, just incase it has similar issues to the go pro drone. Though Sony operates on a totally other level

Sony Airpeak is priced at USD$9000

Without a camera…

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OUCH !!! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :grimacing:

I’ll not be pre-ordering one :grimacing:

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