Sorrento Holiday stuff

I had an issue with my mini 2 on holiday, mostly whilst using yaw. It would jump and lose frames in the video making it look choppy. I updated firmware whilst I was there but it persisted. I had calibrated and adjusted my gimbal settings to make the controls less sensitive and more forgiving but didn’t seem to improve things. I used the footage that hopefully wasn’t too bad but lost a lot of good stuff. :confounded: I normally use ND Filters but took it off to see if that made a difference but it didn’t! It wasn’t windy and I didn’t have the gimbal pointing above 0 degrees and whats more confusing since coming back to Blighty it seems to have disappeared… for now! Anyway I hope you enjoy what I had left and are not too fussed by the judder. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I really liked the harbour and ‘hairpin’ footage.
Re the judder… did you try reforming or swapping the SD card? I am in no way an expert but I’m wondering if the drone was dropping frames due to write problems with the card?

Cheers. Its a thought but I have 4 cards all of which are recommended by DJI and I know many members of GADC advocate. I have footage thats super smooth on the same card so ruled that out. Tried it yesterday and couldn’t replicate the issue? Wondered if it was the ipdate but all seemed odd!