Sound of a drone

Nice meet today. Some really talented pilots came along. And the place (olrfc in Leamington Spa) was practically deserted.

It occured to me today that when I throttled up hard, there was a delay in the sound I heard. I am guessing that it took that time for the sound to reach me from 100m away? I may try earphones from the goggles next time. And bear in mind, I’m still very much a rookie. But loved every minute of it.


Your getting good mate :+1:

You should keep all your footage and do one of those videos that start when you are learning through to being able to fly well.

It’s great seeing more skill and confidence in each new video.

Cheers man! Enjoying the ride. :crazy_face:

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Nice one Karl like the picture in picture

My only issue is them two red things they would have to go…:wink:

Yeah it looks like they get in the way. But it helps visualise where your looking wrt the drone. The fpv cams have a wide fov so it’s not easy for me to judge space through a gap.

Very nice Karl, not a sheep in sight ;o)

Or a long walk

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Or sheep shite on my foot.