Southport Pier and Fair

Southports Victorian Pier and Pleasureland fairground


Shame they’ve closed the pier. Did make the 1.5 mile walk to sea when was there a month or so ago!

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As I live in west lancs and Southport is my local “big town”, these are great images and evocative of the place. The Pier image is especially good showing the tidal range around here. I’m always impressed as to what these little drones can do.

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Love Southport! Especially the pier.


Thank you

Whenever the grandkids are here they love Funland (if that’s the name) costs a damn fortune.
Great piccy by the way, nice and sharp.

Thank you glad you like them

Were you hovering in-between the metal arched light frames to get that shot?


You can get some nice sunsets there too :+1:

@DEM No mate not hovering, hand held with iPhone TBH


Only when there’s not much wind :grimacing:


That’s a nice one mate. Brave as well :+1: :+1:

Still waiting for a lovely sunset maybe the winter lol

Love this shot

@Ianf1979 & @Speedbird

Thanks guys; pot luck really with sunsets there, but can be very good :+1: