Southsea seafront - Added to Coastal Scenery in the South East region on the map at


I have just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at

Lots of parking along seafront, good views of Portsmouth,spinnaker tower, boats etc.

Be aware of the park and people. This spot is best suited for night photography as hardly anybody around.


what were your settings Glenn?, always nice to share what they were.


Also good for sunrises, in the summer when again quite as it is an east to west viewpoint.


Um… EXIF info says…

F2.6, 1/6th second, ISO200

Edited from RAW.


That’s blooming stable for 1/6th sec!


Think I was in tripod, but yes the Mavic 2 is very stable!!!


They all are, really, and that still amazes me.
Zooming in on that some of the points of light are … points of light. No movement.


There’s actually stars in it!!! I am waiting for a clear night for a star based hyper lapse.

Might try it with drone on car bonnet to prolong battery!


I noticed those - but they don’t actually tell you how stable.
They’re of a brightness that the blur in them of any movement would be difficult to see.

Most of the fuzz around the middle street lamp is actually mist/focus related. NO movement!



I agree - I certainly could hand hold at 1/6 and get the same results! :joy:


Theyre lovey pics them.:+1::muscle::stars:

I’ve been meaning to try the hyperlight mode on my M2P. Have you given that a whirl yet?

Its supposed to produce some interesting night shots.


Should have been ‘couldn’t hand hold at 1/6’ !

This has made me think though. I have always tried to not let my Air take stills below 1/30th, my head clearly fixed on when using my camera. I had assumed that, with the slight movement of the drone in the sky, I should use the same principles.

Going to try different shutter speeds next time and do some comparisons.


Depends on wind I guess. I always shoot raw and basically grab lots of images in different settings so you’ve got something usable no matter what.


I think I did have a look but I think, if I recall, it disabled raw and would only shoot night mode as jpg so I went back to raw again!


Aaha right. Nevertheless still brill photos :+1:


Thanks Glenn, great picture to add to your folio !.


Absolutely stunning.