Southsea Seafront

Attempted to get some photos of HMS Prince of Wales today following a trip down to Portsmouth from Norfolk. Sadly a lack of parking meant I missed the boat (ship), so had to be content with a 360 pano of the seafront instead.

If you look very carefully, you can still see the aircraft carrier…


There’s usually a NOTAM creating a FRZ in the Solent when PofW & Big Lizzie are entering or leaving. The MOD Plod have a major sense of humour failure if anyone flies a drone anywhere near one of Her Majesty’s war canoes.

There was nothing on the day as I checked before I lifted, as I do for every flight.

I remember because I was surprised by it at the time. It was already a way off by the time I took off, so it may be whatever NFZ was there had expired by the time I arrived.