SouthWest meet? 27 June 2020

Anyone fancy a get together next weekend? Tractors and cider welcome as well as drones.

Location TBD :thinking:

Will depend where in the Sothwest, it does cover a large area.

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I’m happy to go where needed, not done much exploring as far as flying my drones, only local coast lines. Where are you thinking? :thinking:

What county are you looking at?

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Im based in Somerset, but happy to drive anywhere, Cornwall might be a bit far :wink:

I would suggest Exeter area but the airport might place restrictions :thinking:

Good location

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You could do that the “pretty” way - by copy/pasting the DS link. :wink:



Why thank you :pray:

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I would have thought the whole area here is a part of the Dawlish Warren National Nature Reserve and not really a suitable place to fly. I have walked along there many times in the past.

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I’m up for some suggestions

I wasn’t commenting on current suitability - only the better way to present the link. :+1:

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Dawlish will be busy on the weekend, has been packed every weekend for the last month.

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After a nice location mate without driving as far as Cornwall, do you know of anywhere? :thinking: