SouthWest Meet @ Brean or Birnbeck

Anyone fancy a meetup this weekend? Saturday Preferably.
11:00am - Onwards

Location: Beach next to Brean Down, Somerset

Birnbeck Pier


Looking gorgeous 🧔🏼‍♀️

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I would, but not sure I will have my car.

Will not know until Friday unfortunately.

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If you can make it and want collecting on the way past mate I’m more than happy.

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I can certainly make it - gets me away from the computer!!!

Good timing :astonished:


I had no idea :grimacing:

Yeah, yeah :wink:

Sods law, I was there 9 days ago (Brean Down, not Spearmint Rhino!).

What’s the plan then? Fly on the beach?

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Yeah just an excuse to get out mate and thought I’d invite you rough lot along. :+1: Open to suggestions if you want add them, Locations etc?

After thought, Nice weather and crazy southwestians maybe an issue? Too busy

Need to speak to the Mrs first. She’s working most days at the Red Cross now, and sometimes needs my help. It’s all over the place at the mo, which makes planning anything tricky. I’ll get back to you asap mate.

Pink ticket request :wink:

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That Spearmint Rhino, when did that happen? That building used to house Brean Down’s over seventies stripperama and nightclub - Whiskey-a-Gaga.

Can’t find the link to the discount :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hope to make it guys, be good to meet you guys for first time, but have 10.30 appointment in Bristol, hope to get over around noon. I’ll check online to see if your still over there. I’m good to do either site

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Fake news :wink:

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Yes I did realise. I was vainly trying to tack a joke on the ned of yours. Obviously it wasn’t even worth reading to the end of the second sentence :frowning:

Would love to but am self-isolating :mask:

I was up there between Xmas and New Year and thought what a great place it would be to fly but I note its NT property so any top tips for getting a mini SE over the fort and at the end where there is a tidal confluence would be much appreciated for when I get rid of this C19 thing.

Always liked the look of the pier…

Its quite a distance from the beach and I believe the mini SE is WIFI not OCCUSYNC ? so this will be a struggle. take a look around the forum for signal boosters. :mag_right: they may help.

Failing that, go on long walk on a quiet day :face_with_peeking_eye: Who said that! :running_man:

Get well soon mate :+1:

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Wish I could join you but I have a mtn bike course sat & sunday.

Have fun and look forward to seeing pics / videos and I will have to keep my eyes out for the next one in my local area.


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