So I’ve noticed a few more pilots popping up in the Southwest just recently so thought it would be a good idea to maybe organize a meet, would be good to fly with you all. Due to all this weather I thought we could have some time to set up a nice location.

Place to fly: to be discussed

Date: to be discussed

@anon8911766 @pross @Basil to name a few I’m sure there’s more on here.

Suggestions welcome I’m happy to travel and taxi if required. :world_map: :oncoming_taxi:


I could be interested depending on work weather and location, that’s if I’m invited :smile:
I might have one or two others to tag along as well.


I’m up for it. Where in the Southwest are you thinking?

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Just a general discussion on locations atm, thought we could throw a few ideas out and meet in the middle somewhere, :ok_hand:
Going on places that I’ve flown, and seen others fly is Brean sands, Burnham-on-Sea/weston-s-mare area. Parking on the beach, massive wide open pretty quiet space.

But I’m open to other offers.


Would be good to have you Join us Richard. More the merrier :ok_hand:


I go up on Smeatharp the old airfield which is about 20 mins from Taunton (just a thought) there’s nothing I can hit up there :rofl:

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Always a bonus :joy::ok_hand:

It is with me :rofl:

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Might be a tad close to dunkeswell Airfield for a group flight, and I could be wrong part of NT :thinking: I’ll look into it :ok_hand:

No it’s fine on that little map thing, well it was when I was up there last, but there is the radio controlled flying club up there but they use the other half of the airfield :thinking:


Looks fine.
You are totally in your rights to fly close to an FRZ, just not in it.
Also plenty of space to the east and southeast.



Ah thanks Dave, appreciate that mate :ok_hand:


Good location then, let’s see what the rest say :ok_hand:

I’m not saying there it’s just an idea 🙋

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Great im up fot it ! As im realitivly new to the area i dont know many places to fly, the local hobby shop told me you cant fly on the beach ?

But i" ll go along wherever you decide

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Think I remember you saying somewhere about that, Weston beaches wasn’t it?

I fly at brean all the time with no issues and I’ve seen many others doing the same, as long as your following the Code there shouldn’t be a problem. :ok_hand:

Location 1: Brean Sands, Somerset, TA8 2RJ


Location 2: smeatharpe, Honiton EX14 4SR

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There is a blast from the past.

I had one of the most miserable weeks of my life at Pontins there, early 80’s as a teenager away with my Parents.

Only thing colder than the sea, were the local girls.

Anyway I digress, have a good meet, looking forward to the photos.