Southwest of UK

Hi Everyone! Just jumped into the world of Drones, bought myself a Mavic mini 2 as seem to offer most flexibility at the start of my drone journey. Based in the Westcountry on the Devon and Cornwall border so looking forward to figuring where I can fly!


Welcome to GADC Neil. Have a good read around and feel free to join in. You will find lots of interesting characters and a huge amount of knowledge to tap in to.

To find out where to fly, pop across to the site below, which is run by GADC and contributions made by it’s members.


Hi and welcome to GADC, great choice with the mini 2 and even better you joined GADC. Enjoy


Hi Neil, welcome to the club mate from another local member :+1:t4: you’ve got a fantastic little drone there to start you off, I’ve just added one myself to the collection. :ok_hand: when I say collection I now have 2 :joy:


Hi and welcome

Cheers, I’ looking forward to my first flight probably on Tuesday weather and wind look favourable.

Currently working on my A2 CofC as like to have the option later to get a second Drone myself.



Enjoy the maiden.

I only have about 14 flights on my Mini2 due to the rubbish weather we have had lately.

I am new to Plymouth and can’t wait for the weather to play ball again.


Have to agree Mike. It has been so wet and windy here recently.

Don’t be put off by the wind, it maybe small but it’s strong.

Mine last week in 25mph winds and 45mph gusts.

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I love flying in the wind, it’s the rain that kills it. :frowning:

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Plymouth is my home city and you should be able to find lots of nice spots to fly. I’m just a hop skip and jump across the water in Saltash.

I am out and about on my pushbike and everywhere looks like a great place to fly…

I have been riding with the case on my back, just in case I see somewhere.

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