Spark aero

check this site out advertising spark aero for silly money.
or is this to good to be true.

One way to find out! :+1:

WTF is a Spark Aero?! :thinking:

Part with $70 and you’ll find out. :wink:

Heh, just read the comments on the youtube vid: SPARK AERO DRONE - YouTube

Rather than part with my hard earned, I just watched the video instead.

Now I know :rofl:


Considering it’s such a bargain - those “JUST 14 Drones are left in stock” are lasting well! They may last all the remaining ~8 hrs of the offer! :wink:

That’s what I thought lol keep an eye on it. Price is a give away nicking 75% off absolute bargain. Wink wink

But, good news! Still 14 left! LOL!

Don’t worry, if they run out of stock then this site has another 14 left! LMAO

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Should the first 14 sell out, and the 14 that @Maverick found, fear not guys!

There’s another 14 waiting to be snapped up at


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Hurry though!

There’s only 7hrs 58mins remaining!



Panic over!

That counter starts again every time you refresh the page :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is getting silly now…

Found another 14 at

So they’ve got at least 56 that we know about :roll_eyes:

How many domains does this guy need?!

More at




DJI have decided to go the franchise route…who knew! :roll_eyes:

We should probably register GreySparkAeroArrowDrones or something :slight_smile:

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Unlimited colour options!

Wonder how they pull that off. I’ve emailed for a Tartan one.