Spark Fly more combo & more - a very Complete package


My Beautiful Baby Spark in white
2 Controllers - one is stock - one is modified with a Cool-Making Helical Antenna (SMA connectors)
Fly more pack - Case etc. ( Unused)
Additional 3 batteries for a total of 5 batteries, (yes you read that right - 5!)
Field charger - charges upto 6 batteries in the field - (I’ve managed 5 before it ran out)
Aftermarket cases for Spark / Controller and batteries
A hug from me :smiley:
62km flight distance
9hr flight time
62 flights


It’s not for me Dave, but can I ask the reason for the sale?

(out of sheer curiosity)


I don’t use it any more because the M2 is so awesome :ok_hand:
And a recent purchase of the Fly More pack for the M2 has forced the issue I suppose :man_shrugging: