Spark Gimbal Question

Hi again does anyone own a spark drone I have one and a mavic platinum. On the spark is the gimbal supposed to me really floppy it’s always pointing down and is easily moved when not on. Please help.

Bumped your last post into a new thread.

Yes it is easily moved, and generally points down when the power is off, AND THE GIMBAL GUARD IS REMOVED. When the guard is ON it is level.
When it gets powered up it goes through it’s routine of initialising itself, looking up and down and points forward when it finishes its routine.
You will have the similar with the platinum, it may point down or sideways when you take the gimbal clamp off, (don’t forget the gimbal clamp) and when you power it up, it will go up/down and side to side as it initialises.

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My Mavic Pro and my Inspire both do the same thing @james6belgravia

They need power to work / stay level when not supported with a gimbal clamp :+1:t2: