Spark waiting to be found near Uluru


Just been on a ‘bucket list’ trip Down Under. One of the things we did was a 3-day ‘glamping’ trip to Uluru (Ayers Rock) which involved a lot of miles in a minivan with about 15 other people.
So, we were up this canyon in another rock formation near Uluru, called Kata Tjuka. 40C heat, towering walls only about 25 yards either side of us. Twerp of a young German suddenly flew a Spark off right in the middle of us, no warning. After glaring at him I looked elsewhere, and 30 seconds later the motor noise stopped. He’d lost it. Can’t have been far away but after a few minutes he announced he was going to leave it there. Easy come easy go I guess! Anyway, I know where to look if you’re going that way…

I doubt he did any pre-flight checks, the view of GPS satellites would have been very limited and I’d guess the rock walls were heavy in iron oxide too. Twit.

On a related issue, I saw a lot of ‘No Drones’ signs near visitor attraction view points in NZ and Australia. A sign of things to come here, perhaps.


Sacred spiritual site, that drone was doomed :eye::eye: What an amazing adventure you had :+1:


Perhaps in New Zealand someone had just gone around adding an F in the middle of anything with the national abbreviation? :wink:


Quite right Rob, the locals would have taken a very dim view. Might have taken him out with a boomerang!


HA HA ! I actually looked for a boomerang icon when typing :rofl:


I’m assuming you took your MP with you to NZ/AU?

If so, any travel tips on those places you could offer over on #Travel-advice-for-anyone-taking-their-drone-abroad would be appreciated, when you have a moment. :+1:

There are none for those two countries, currently.


No I didn’t take it - we went for 6 weeks altogether and we simply had too much stuff to carry already.


If you could pay my airfare ,I will help you look for it? Good story.