Speccing a PC for DaVinci Resolve

Just spent an hour or two online trying to figure out what kind of reasonably priced build might give a good bang for buck an find myself not much wiser. I have a decent case & cpu and a few SSDs so I just need an ATX motherboard, CPU, RAM and GPU. Ram is easy enough 32Gb seems to be enough for the kind of thing I want to do. GPU…does an AMD Radeon 6600 8Gb sound OK? I can find one for £250 which seems reasonable. And if this might work OK what sort of CPU?

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@Njoro Lance is your man.

If you fancy a change a MacBook Air M2 on minimum spec will run it super quick

Here’s my build which has worked flawlessly to date and today I added an 1TB M.2 PCle Gen4 purely for read and right video editing, makes life worth living…

Your budget will dictate…here’s my build…

I’ll summarize this later.

Certainly an Apple Mx is a possibility. I don’t much like their policy on storage pricing and since I already have a couple of NVMes kicking around that could do system disk and scratch AND a 4Tb SSD that could hold project data, I can’t help but wonder if it’ll be a cost effective route in the long run. But maybe Apple with external SSDs would work?

They certainly do run external SSD well , I do the same on moth my iMac and MBP.

Sandisk T5 are an excellent choice