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Latimer House - a very secret war
The article was written by Helen Fry and was published with her kind permission.

Latimer was a very secret place; the prisoners entered and left in closed vans etc, so writes former intelligence officer Dr John Whitten.

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Sounds like a great weekend Barrie :+1:

And an even more interesting place! Thanks for sharing as Iā€™d never heard of it before.

During the Second World War, the house was the headquarters of IV Corps from August 1940 and the center of top secret activities by MI5 and MI6

Hi Chris -

Thanks you have saved me lots of photocopying - the hotel when asked gave me two sets of interesting information covered by your wikipedia info. Apparently there is more to come when a period of years passes due to secrets etc being released.

Interesting site the hotel sits on deep in the countryside.