Spinnaker Tower

Went out quickly to check out Southsea by night! Taken with the Mavic Pro 2 on Hyper light


Cracking photo @Sky_scater :smiley:

That’s just earnt you the Night Flyer badge which is currently winging it’s way to your profile!

So as somebody that’s never seen a Mavic 2 in the flesh, what’s “hyper light” mate? :thinking:

It’s a night setting you have on the MP2 whereby the camera take 3 shots i think and combine it. Basically the same as HDR but for night photography.

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Cheers for the badge!

Er can i have a night flying badge for my hypolapse at portsdown hill :woozy_face: @PingSpike

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Probably? :thinking:

Got a link @scorps? Sorry, can’t keep up sometimes Colin mate! :blush:


think thats right

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loving that shot - :+1:


Fabulous! :+1:

Colours really popping against the inky black.:ok_hand: Almost looks like Southsea is hovering on mini rocket boosters! :joy::rocket::camera:

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I can’t beleive how busy the waters were. In the half hour I was there, 2 big ferries and another big ship came past.
Definitely something to look out for if someone decides to go there.
@sunstone Lol yes it does, I’m amazed at the colours. With normal settings for night photography and Photoshop you can get close to that but I didn’t have to do anything to that shot to show off the colours and the dark of the night.

Looks like we’ll get some snow scenes to photograph the weekend down south perhaps!!

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Pretty impressive that via the hyper light function. Will have to give that a whirl. :ok_hand:

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Beautiful shot. What detail!

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@ash2020 Thanks! Yes, it still amaze me the clarity of the photos.

But it’s the Hasselblad cameras. Some of the best in the world. Apparently Hasselblad cameras are the only ones NASA use in space.

I wonder if we’ll get our own space drones oneday? surely, its just tweak of the settings isnt it? :wink: :rocket: I could always stand on step ladders to help with the range! :grin:

hahahaha possibly