Split or one lot? Mavic Pro setup - but without the (lost) Mavic Pro itself


Well, 3 weeks ago I lost my Mavic Pro - As I’ll probably go for the Air 2 as it’s replacement, I have some spare parts to offload.

2 batteries - sorry I’m not sure on the charge counts, but both under 50 I think. (Is the information in any flight logs, If so I could try and work out what they are?) Both are showing 3 LEDs.

Controller - I’d removed some of the rubber, so my phone fitted without removing it from it’s case. I only have the USB-C connector. I do still have the inserts, but they are 500 miles away.

Propeller guards - DJI

Set of spare props.

Mains charger with a 4 port voltage/current display.

A Lovely case - It’s done several trips from Edinburgh <-> Bristol as my 2nd Easyjet hand luggage.

Adaptor so a Mavic battery can power two USB ports.

I do have some other bits, the box, the other controller cables, more spare props, 4,8,16 ND filters, and the controller arm rubber inserts that I’d removed, but these are all in Edinburgh - I’ve been in Plymouth since the lockdown.

Let me know if you’re interested before I post on EBAY this weekend.

All the best


If you decide to split, let me know how much for the two batteries :+1:

If not good luck with the sale

OK, will do - you are first!

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How much do you want for the lot? I’m just outside Plymouth

Edited the thread title to give other a better indication of what’s for sale without opening the post. :+1:


2nd dibs on the batteries please.


How about £180 for the lot? That would fund me upgrading to a Fly More package for my replacement.

I would also send on the ND filters, box and cables when I manage to get back to Scotland (probably the middle of July, depending on lock-down in Scotland). There are flights, but I have a whole room to clear so I need to drive.

Kind regards

Hi, I’ve just read it properly. Mavic Pro, not Mavic 2 Pro! Sorry.

I’ll get my coat…

Have you got the the items on ebay now. I just bought a used mp. So would be interest once I fly my mp to make sure it’s all good.


I’ve not put it up yet. In the next two weeks I’ll have cleared out my room in Edinburgh, and have all the items in one place.

I was planning to get an air 2, but it looks like I may have to wait. In the meantime, I’m looking for a temporary replacement, possibly a mini, but if I come across a bargain pro, I might end up needing the spares yet.

Sorry for the delay, but once I’ve got all the spares in one place I’ll know either way.

Kind regards

That’s fine thanks. :+1:

@jpigleth If you consider selling the ND filters let me know. Also interested in the batteries.


The filters are currently in Edinburgh, I’m home in Plymouth, but will be taking the car up to clear my room. Feel free to contact me after July 12. I can take some photos of them.

Kind regards

@jpigleth thank you so much. I’ll have to set a reminder but I sure will. Plus it’s closer to payday seen as just got the MP.

You can do that here on the forum, flag the thread with a bookmark and then set a reminder


@milkmanchris wow awesome feature thank you. I have done it.