Spooky mood at Cheddar Gorge

Cheddar Gorge at dawn during my last trip to Somerset. Would love to come back here to fly this location in the summer…


I’m over that way in a couple of weeks. Any recommendations for TOAL sites?

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@ChrisM I launched from the last car park when you drive up the gorge.

Since it was nearly dark and the weather wasn’t great the car park was completely empty and there was loads of space. On a warmer weekend day (during the day) this might not be the case. The GPS reception at the bottom of the gorge wasn’t great so I had to take off with around 5-6 sats. Once I was at a height of around 50m the number increased significantly though.

There are loads of nice hiking trails so you could also reach higher ground and take off from there. The only thing to be aware off are that the cliffs on the north side of the gorge are National Trust open access land.


Great pic! I love the car headlighs down in the gorge. Looks like the cloud was rather low :slight_smile:

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Is this the original? Do you have the DMG? There must be tons of detail in those shadows waiting to burst out.

@firstadekit with DMG I suppose you mean a RAW version? Unfortunately I didn’t shoot this one in RAW.

This is basically the original; I increased the brightness a slight bit and increased the hue and saturation of the cars lights slightly.

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Looks a bit eery nice👍

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I took the liberty of downloading your image and tweaked it in LightRoom to see if I could bring out some detail and have attached the result. If it had been a RAW image you would have been able to get a lot more of it. By the way, does dawn come late in Somerset as the EXIF data shows 1627pm!


Thank you @Harbrimar, that looks great! I will definitely shoot in JPEG + RAW from now on.

Yes, the sun did set quite late but it was also basically completely dark when I landed like you can see in this picture.

The gorge really is a great place for flying.