Spotter or looker

Hi All I am new owner of a drone and was wondering if you all have a second person with you when you are flying your drone, even when you still leaning to fly it.

Hi @Carlos1664 / Carl

You don’t mention whether you are flying FPV drones or camera drones (of the DJI/similar variety.

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The drone I have has a camera, its a Holy stone


I did when I first started flying, was fortunate to learn within a group where someone was always watching what was going on, handy for those crashes with no buzzer!

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If you wear goggles to fly the drone through the camera’s lens, yes you always need someone.

If you have a remote connected to your phone, no you don’t but while you are learning, a 2nd pair of eyes could be good because you’ll be looking at the screen a lot getting familiar with it. They don’t need to be a drone flyer themselves but someone sensible enough to realise you’re heading for a tree, cliff, people, etc and let you know.