Taken with Typhoon H 480.


Looks like the panoee error is also on the desktop - using Chrome.

Displays ok for me in Chrome, also displays ok on mobile for me.

I’m not seeing it with Chrome, Brave, Edge or Firefox on Win10, nor with Chrome, Brave or Firefox on Android 11.

Try Kuula.


Odd - works fine for me in Firefox

Then the issue is something to do with your setting in Chrome. :man_shrugging:

No idea - I also have the issue on my phone in Chrome. Not sure that I would have the same settings on both.

Kuula works fine.

Should work with all standard settings - my security is not restrictive for example.

From the other topic - others had the same problem.

I had zero issues with the original topic on testing of this new site - so something has changed or is in the links now provided.

All fixed with an f5 if I recall