St Audries Bay - MM Aerial Footage

My second outing with the Mavic Mini. I am extremely impressed with how much this little device holds its own. But I am also surprised at how I haven’t lost it yet with some of the chances I have taken whilst using it!! I have since been watching a lot of reviews on YouTube and although I am always careful when using it in terms of the weather and the environment I am in…I have new found respect of other considerations to take into account.


Amazing! This video was what made me drive to St Audries this morning. :ok_hand: stunning!

Thanks. It is a lovely place to visit when the weather is nice. Be aware that the tide can catch you out (so I have been led to believe) as when it comes in, I think it comes all the way to the access steps. So it is always worth while researching the tide times when you plan an outing.

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Great footage, not had chance to get any good stuff with my MM yet due to weather. This has encouraged me to get out ASAP !!

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