St Josephs Seminary

My Latest video from St Josephs, a bit wobbly in places as it was rather windy. What are the rules on going so close, the place is abandoned and had permission from security guard, as long as we didint go inside.
We didnt but there were a few urban explorers there who did.


See article 95 at You’d have to argue that both the structure and any other persons present were under your control. Happy to be corrected by others!

Looks like a place I ought to visit, I will PM you to discuss.

One could say, see the GADC’s FAQ : This is a ‘No Drone-Police Zone (NDPZ)’, but we couldn’t possibly comment. :wink:


Standing outside and dropping into the courtyard proved a little scary as my signal went weak. Ascended slightly and all came back. Fascinating place to visit especially if you have someone with knowledge with you as I did. Only problem is the metal thieves are slowly moving in and stripping the place, so how much longer it will last before it gets totally locked down, god knows.
A tenner to the security guard might help him turn a blind eye to drones I suspect.

Fab video, my take is no harm done it’s deserted