St Marys Lighthouse

Early morning shot so easy to avoid people, less so the inquisitive seagulls


Nice one :+1: Never ceases to amaze me the muppets who chance it across the Causeway in spite of posted tidal-times…then need Coastguard to rescue them :roll_eyes:

Nice one, we were up there at my stepdaughters who lives 500yds inland from there last bank hol weekend but the seafret and wind by the coast stopped the fun with my mini 2 :confused::unamused:

Your shot is the vision I had when deciding to. Visit, so great to see what I could have got!
Suppose there is always next time, hopefully the seagulls will be less excited too if they haven’t. Got young to protect

Lovely shot !

This adds the Coastal Flyer Badge to your profile! :+1:

Thanks everyone …not too high but clearly an Ariel photo and just a little bit different from the usual from land …this was my first planned photo for my landmark collection

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