Im researching what I now know as standoffs, need some as to convert my protek 25 but apart from the length 25mm and thread at 2.5mm im unsure as what to go for.

Im assuming Nylon would strip ?? so is aluminium the way forward ???, any advice would be much appreciate…

Found this on YouTube be my German aint that good :slightly_frowning_face:


Nylon waste of time not durable enough, aluminium again depends on the quality of the aluminium all of the aluminium screws and standoffs from china are all cheap crap and will just strip the threads or round the heads off.

You’d be better off using titanium or steel at the sacrifice of a few grams of extra weight. :+1:t2:

:point_up_2: This
Use nylon or 3 printed ones for 3" or lower quads I reckon. Nylon spacers are good though.

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Cheers mate, not seen titanium :thinking: bet there not cheap.

Will have a look on the net :+1:t3:

Just an update to say thanks for your advice but I’m going to leave the upgrade for now…

It seems I’m spending more time faffing around with the bloody thing than I do flying it :man_facepalming:t2:

Iv searched for hours for the bits I need I.e standoffs runcam mount with no luck, and still not sorted the OSD on it as yet.

Might just flash the firmware on it see if that sorts it…

I have discovered you can buy new hoops in different colours so with that and my new props and a bloody good clean il be happy :blush:

Iv no doubt ill be back on asking about something at some point, curious about those patch antennas tbh.

But il just try the hack for starters :+1:t3:

Thanks again guys


Isn’t that the whole point of self build drones though? And also therefore most of the fun??

I hear you and I’m sure its a great experience just not for me at the mo, I don’t mind stripping mine down as to clean or just do the simple things like replacing the props.

But for me at the that’s it, at some point once I have more time on my hands Id love to do a self build can imagine its great flying something you’ve built…

This is a popular misconception and was certainly bandied about when the DJI FPV drone was released. The number of YT “Reviewers” shilling the drone claiming that it was ideal for those that didn’t have “the time to build” was tiresome and wrong. The irony was you could have most likely built a far better quad within the time it took to do the obligatory firmware upgrades to the DJI FPV Drone and the Goggles.

Your first one or two builds may take some time, but as you become more proficient (nobody’s born with the skill), your build times will drop considerably, to the point that you can take a box of bits and have it flying in less than an hour. Add to that the wealth of knowledge you can glean from others, as witnessed above, is worth doing the build process on its own.

I’m not decrying anyone who wants to go the RTF route, it’s a very valid choice and the end goal is enjoyment. But by the same token you shouldn’t limit your options because someone else told you it was too hard.

I’ll get back in my cupboard now.

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We like it when you come out of the cupboard :grinning:


I only come out when the voices in my head take a smoke break, or whatever they do when they’re not telling me to do the bad thing :crazy_face:

I totally agree mate, and further more I’m really looking forward to building a big S6 one with great spec.

I’m still in learner mode at mo but changing over to Acro once I loose my lady balls and grow some man ones … lol. I’m also a very keen cinematographer which I have a real passion for, but yet again I struggle to find the time for due to leading a very full life.

I suppose I’m a classic case of all work no play as many of us are…

Amen brother. :pray:

Having just been through exactly this with the goggles, why a manufacturer would deliberately hobble a product until it’s ‘activated’ is just beyond me. Utterly farcical and a total PITA. Completely ruins the initial user experience imho.

I agree and im still waiting for the updated firmware as promised by Ian @ Madtec .

It was supposed to be out early this week ???.

Ian isn’t really in a position to make those kind of promises. Some of us did have a fairly close relationship with DJI some years ago but these days not nearly as much as some would have you believe. DJI are trying to be like Sony, Apple, Google, and other Tech giants, keeping things pretty much under lock and key in anticipation of some great reveal, which usually goes off like a wet bank holiday Monday in Royston Vasey. But in the grand scheme of things they are still a small company, with a small customer base, and they rely on a transitory work force. Hence why their support is so lack lustre and they “end of life” their products so quickly.

That I do understand, but from a different perspective. I’m retired due to ill health. I thought that with all the free time I’d have I’d be flying every day and building like a crazy person.I’ve found that not to be the case as a broken body is usually accompanied by a broken mindset which often kills the enthusiasm. It can be exacerbated when those around you can’t, or refuse to, understand.

Now that the voices have returned from lunch it’s back to the cupboard and my singing potatoes.

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Agreed - If I had all the bits now, I’d have something built up in less than an hour. Maybe a bit more if there was some fiddly soldering to do. I

I totally get where everyone is coming from, on all sides, in this thread. When I first got the ready-to-fly Nazgul, it might as well have been a self-build. It got stripped down and rebuilt a couple of times a week for the first month or two as I fiddled with stuff, added components, customised other bits. Back then I’d get out and fly maybe once a week for two or three packs and then spend 3 or 4 times that sat at the dining table fiddling with stuff. Eventually I got it working mostly how I like and I haven’t touched anything on it for months now. I just sling it in my bag with a bunch of batteries and go fly as soon as I get the opportunity.

That said, I do like having my fix of DIY building and tinkering, so I’ve had a handful of INAV planes built up since then and also a couple more FPV quads. I’ve also got a handful of other FPV/RC-related ideas for projects that I want to tackle over the summer.

These things come and go in waves though. With two small kids, a busy job, and a hefty training schedule for my other hobby, I’m just happy to grab time where I can. It beats sitting watching Coronation St.

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Well stripped I stripped her down cleaned all the grass out and fitted new props, re flashed the firmware and my god she fly’s like a dream. The new props gave me loads more power and I tried horizon mode for the first time which as you know lets me do rolls and flips " loved it" don’t know why I didn’t start out in this mode.

Bit of advice from 1 newbie to others, don’t make my mistake start out in horizon mode you wont regret it… But again please don’t make my mistake and get carried away with ones self.

I was having so much fun rolling and flipping I forgot where the ground was :grimacing:
and ended up nose diving into the ground, cracking my prop guard and trashing a props :sob:

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They look fine to me, just bend them back :ok_hand:t2:

The ducts on the other hand lol guess you’ll be needing them standoffs after all lol

lol… I might give it a go :+1:t3: as for the prop guard that’s a gonner as its bent it out of shape …

Just brought a new one, jazzed it up a bit and gone for yellow :sunglasses:

Help me find it in the long grass :rofl: :rofl:

Yeah, I’ve got some repair work to do on my Nazgul that I trashed yesterday diving willington cooling towers :rofl: all part of the fun of the hobby :ok_hand:t2: although my wallet did cry a little tear when I first done it because I was expecting my HD camera to be smashed to bits lol but luckily enough not a scratch on it lol was just the FPV camera that exploded :rofl:

Alternative you can set-up a slimmed down version of Acro, whereby there will b maximum pitch and roll limits but no auto levelling. That way you can get a feel for Acro without the fear of seeing sky where the ground should be and vice versa.