Stanley Lock Liverpool

Stanley Lock is the gateway to Stanley Dock from the Leeds Liverpool Canal. This is where the boats leave the canal into Stanley Dock before turning left to get to Liverpool Pier Head and ultimately the Albert Dock.


Great pics!

These also add the Industrial Revolution Badge to your profile. :+1:

Really cool pics. Thank you for sharing.

Nice pics out of curiosity where did you take off?

This location was on my radar during the last GADC competition “4 or more locks in a row” I used to swim here as a kid. The last lock before you enter salt water uses to be full of thousands of jelly fish.

Awesome shot, love the train going through the middle, the train geeks at work are going to wet their pants when I show them. It’s bad enough that they run to the window to watch something called a class 37?? go past.

A band new fleet is sat at a depot not more than 1 mile from where this pic was taken waiting to roll out and serve the Merseyside area.

A class 777 (ps I am not a “train geek” I noticed the model name while looking for the pic.

Oh my goodness, I have no idea what it is, but my geeky colleagues will know everything about it. I overheard a conversation once that a certain train had it’s engine changed to something different than standard, they could tell by the beat of the engine as it sat idling!!!

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In just a few short years the vast majority of the railway has been transformed from Victorian levers to 21st century technology We now sit at workstations like air traffic controllers.image

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And on a cold winters morning the cozy warm open fire and stove has been replaced by modern air conditioning units


Times have changed radically. It is the way things move. Once we would of had two trains in a day, now are hundreds.

Not gonna lie,I kinda prefer the old school style

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That’s true, I’m handling 18 stations and 500 trains per shift, over miles of track, handing over to my colleague sat next to me, all the way to Kings Cross.