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Hi all :slightly_smiling_face:
I kind of feel this could be classified as a ‘dumb’ question, but hey, we are among friends here right?
Whenever I start my Mavic Air and launch the DJI go 4 app, it defaults to showing me the status screen

Firstly is this what happens for you guys (ie normal app behaviour)
and secondly, is it possible to change that so that it defaults to showing me main view window

I know I only need to press the x to close the status screen window but it would be nice to default to the main screen.

Thanks as ever for your thoughts


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yup, mine does exactly the same

Similar on the MP, too.

But my curtains look different. Hmmm … :thinking:

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Same on the Inspire too mate.

It’s an important screen though, it’ll highlight any issues right away, and right in front of you :+1:

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What they said :point_up:

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yep does it on my MP too
I have to keep doing the calibration “dance of shame” every time I start up

Mmm are you sure you’re running the latest version :thinking::thinking:




Mine too but the dog bed is the same :smiley:


Mine to MP2

its a good screen to start at .itll tell you if you need a compass calibration IMU status, format your memory cards ect…

Curtains 2.0

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Does that run on Windows 10? Or just Ubuntu?

Me too, normally to tell me to ‘calibrate’ or @sparkman999 so eloquently puts it…

Important to never ignor this screen if it pops up as it means you could have a problem, and it could be a major one!

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Same for me. Find it useful as it’ll show warnings in Red which are easily visible even when you’re so used to just tapping the X without reading any of the statuses.

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