Stereo FPV

Looking for advice on best camera , goggles , transmission and receiver system for clear FPV results

Hi John and welcome to Grey Arrows!

What aircraft do you fly @johnforce?

You’ll find a few people here flying with DJI Googles (one or two have the Racing edition too) and you’ll find a few with Epson Moverio BT-300 glasses :sunglasses:

Pinging @bcf @Peter @Ashmav @PsychoTeapot @Njoro @DroneUnit for input :+1:

No model yet.
I want to get into drone flying with stereo FPV .
John Davies

Hi John,
“budget dictates what you buy”, what’s your budget if you don’t mind sharing?

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Budget not a problem. I simply want good clear vision to give as good a ‘flying’ experience as possible.

What type of flying do you wan to do? There is video and photography, racing or just general flying.

Mainly general flying. Quality of the stereo flight experience is my most
important objective. May move to photography afterwards.

I have DJI goggles RE with the Ocucync Air module and HD camera which outputs 720P, 960P and 1080P.

The Air module can be piggybacked onto any quadcopter that is able to carry it, the goggles also have a 5.8GHz receiver which means it can be used with anything with a camera and video transmitter.

I fly fixed wing aircraft which now means I can take all my aircraft at once to fly using just one pair of goggles.

Looks like good kit , but is it stereo?

“Are you asking if the goggles have a separate screen for each eye”? If so yes, there is a lot of video reviews on YouTube if you fancy checking them out.

Most people with a DJI account will find they have a £100 voucher sitting on their account that can be used to buy these at a discount at the moment… :slight_smile:


Oh, it may not be for the RE edition, just the originals…