Still confused about what am I legally entitled to do with anything ABOVE 250g

I am still a little confused. I have the CAA flyer and operator ID. My drone weighs approximately 4.5 Kg (DJI inspire) which seems to cover drones up to 250g. What exactly am I legally entitled to do with anything ABOVE 250kg with my current flyer and operator id’s?

Hi Marcus

Click on the three lines top right, scroll down to"Good 2 Go", fill in your details, and you’ll get all the info you need.

The Inspire 1 weighs 3.6kg with X3 and 3.9 kg with X5.

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It’s all in CAP722.

Good luck picking the bones out of the 238 page document.

Good2go will give you the definitive answer after half a dozen simple questions


If you’re serious about drone flying then maybe consider (finances considered) doing the A2CofC (discounted here on Grey Arrows) where you will learn a lot about the legal and practical side.

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There’s no need to read the whole document, there’s a comprehensive index. In any case, there’s a lot more in CAP722 that responsible Drone Pilots should be familiar with, especially if they intend to take the A2CofC examination.

We are still waiting for conformation of a first person to fail ;o)

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