Stills cropping problem with Premiere Pro

Hi Not drone footage but I’m hoping it’s ok if someone can help me with this issue. I’ve mixed video and stills in this short film but as Sod’s law would have it the very last still has decided not to play.

The original (left frame) is fine but when I grab it and drop it on the time line (right frame) it crops itself! None of the buttons I can find will fix it and all the others went across fine.

For any one puzzled by the content I will just say even drone pilots have to eat.

Thanks for any advice.


Hey there I know hardly nothing or if anything at all about editing I only know a very small amount !
Would it be too do with the aspect ratio settings , I just had a Google and the subject of this happening in premier pro has been mentioned before , sorry I can’t be of much more help but thought I’d take a look for you , there is plenty on the net as you probably know , someone here with way more knowledge than myself will hopefully know the answer , good luck :+1:t2:

Edit : I did find this when I searched what you have mentioned above

1 Correct answer. Your sequence size does not match your clips , Select a clip in the project panel and right click ‘New Sequence from Clip’ this will make a sequence the correct size.

Or even easier, right click on the clip …


Thanks both. But I don’t get those options.
This is what I get……

Don’t right click on the viewer. Right click on your clip on the timeline.

Worked a treat. Thanks very much.

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Glad it worked!