Stockport this morning

A great shoot this morning, here’s a little clip (can you tell I was rushing a little bit to catch the train :joy::joy:)



Hi @stegib I’ve edited your post to include the OneBox preview.

To do this just paste the YouTube link into a new line of its own with no spaces etc.

No need to use the insert hyperlink button in the message composer or any embed code, its all done automatically for you if you follow the above.


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Liked and subbed to your channel. as Chris has said, you need to change your permissions…


Sorry about that! Thanks for the follow, I have changed the permission on the clip. I’m so ditzy sometimes :joy:

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No worries, we all make mistakes :slight_smile:


Great footage :+1:

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Interesting perspective
I will be coming off that junction tomorrow morning on my way to bramhall

Nice footage. I’m a Bramhall resident, so maybe I’ll spot your drone buzzing about some time!

Bramhall 2! Thanks for the kind comments. Do you fly much around Bramhall?


Only recently got back into droning, and work schedule or weather have been preventative since I bought my latest drone, so not had the chance, really.

This is the only video I’ve been able to take recently…

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Great perspective and the sound effects and music fit perfectly. Quite a calming video well done! :blush:

What drone you using?

Did you know that train was coming, or was it just a happy coincidence?

DJI Mini 3 Pro.

Yes, we knew the train was on its way, captured two in fact the first being Avanti to London, but I was a bit too close to the line so it wasn’t as smooth the first time around.