Stokes Bay, Gosport, My First Flight Video

Please be critical but kind. LOL.


Welcome to GADC, @blackbirdtrev. Drove past there a few days ago.

Hi @blackbirdtrev First flights are nerve racking so don’t worry too much. I’m new to drones myself so I know it’s difficult to concentrate on flying, and videoing at the same time,. It just takes practise. I’d just get used to flying the drone first before worrying about videos & photos.

Record everything, fix it in the mix

@milkmanchris Yes record everything, but what I meant was don’t worry about getting good footage until your confident flying the drone. Rubbish footage can easily be deleted.

For all types of “landscape” photography putting the horizon in the top third of the screen is a good rule of thumb. Of course all rules are there to be broken in the right circumstances.

That looked a beautiful day.
As others have said, focus on getting comfortable flying, before you worry too much about videoing what you are doing.
If you want some constructive criticism (from an expert …NOT!!!) I would have shown the take off, so as you went higher, the beach and sea would have been revealed.
Just keep practicing… it will come :slight_smile:

Hello Trev, I can sense you’re nervous from your video we all had that feeling, Just get confident in the drone and you will get better and better, learn some moves and keep them cinematic.

Are you from the Gosport area? If so you are close to me I’m just in Portsmouth we could have a meet, Give me a shout mate and keep flying.

As other have said, practice and get comfortable with the drone, then once things are second nature work on the video techniques. Even play with the settings on the RC, so the sticks and drone behave in a fashion you want.

Yes mate i am in Gosport.

Congratulations on your first video!
It’s quite easy as you get more confident to fly single stick moves while recording, for example flying forwards towards a subject, sideways past a subject, and backwards. You’ll have more varied clips to use.

As you master these, you can try two stick movement, e.g. gaining altitude while also tilting gimbal down.

As always have situational awareness that you’re not going to bump in to something.

Also don’t forget the easiest way to capture a location: still photos. Position the drone, take photos, both single ones and panoramas.

So many options, fly, have fun, be creative!


Absolutely agree with others, get to grips with just flying then worry about filming etc. But well done for first video and for flying over the water, which I think you did, that takes some bottle when you first try it. Good work and keep it up!! :+1:

Thanks for everyone’s input.