Stokesay Castle 4k Shropshire

Enjoy. Mini 2


Great shots of the castle :+1:

Lovely location and very nice video, many thanks :+1:

Took 9 years to build in the late 13th century, by the richest man in England at the time, Laurence of Ludlow. It is the most well preserved castle of its time. It was recently the filming location of a movie with Billie Piper, a few months back.

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Great video like the castle.

Whereabouts did you TOAL?

I’ve been here too but my video isn’t as good, was very green at the time.

My advise would be go when the site is closed as to not interrupt people’s enjoyment of the site, you can park near the gate by the cafe, and then TOAL on the road, or on the public footpath in a nearby field (maybe dubious if the path in the field is classed as public land, probably not, you can see where I was standing on the 2nd shot in the video below)

Just from the car park.

Thanks for the heads up