Stone Edge Cupola

There’s only so many ways you can film one thing, but I gave it a shot.


Love that beginning, tilt up, swoosh into the video! :ok_hand: Really good, enjoyed watching.
Liked and subbed too! :+1:t4:

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That the 1st time I’ve ever watched a video over 2 minutes long all the way to the end Well done you !

How did you get that sweep up the tower shot at the start? it was silky smooth

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Gimbal down, hand tilt drone upwards, then follow with the camera control :man_shrugging:t3: My guess.looks awesome though doesn’t it!

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There are so many ‘cinematic gods’ on here I’m in Aww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

‘Cinematic gods’ that was Ikopta’s catch phase on YouTube What ever happened to him he just seemed to disappear? Many be be got the acting job he always dreamed of James Bond ?

Osmo Pocket on a tripod… :joy:

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I’ve seem some great tips on YouTube lately regarding 10 ways to get video with Ozmo I think I might have to search one out 2nd hand

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It’s a great little gadget. I’m still learning but it is easy enough to carry around and get to know.


As to Cinematic God, not sure about that!
I edit in Davinci Resolve and am enjoying learning that as much as I enjoy shooting the footage… Each vid gets a little better.

Well I thought it was top notch :+1:

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