Stonehenge, Mavic Mini 1


People are allowed inside now? Last time I went, you had to stick to a fenced path round the outside.

I don’t think so, but don’t know why they were in there. It was closed.

It doesn’t look like there is a fenced path now.

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Nice - did you shoot that with a filter

No filter, -0.3 exposure I think, thats all

You can pay extra an hour before and after opening to get up close to the stones

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A licence to print money eh? :pensive:


And no moans from the drone police :wink:


Stopped in my MH a while ago and flew from The Drove, over the stones and there were plenty of peeps amongst the stones then…no issues from onsite security but then again TOAL from public land so what could they do anyway. Drove past again the other day, lots of folks around the stones again but there is still a roped off pathway so not sure how/why they allowing people to get so close again.
Great place to fly regardless!

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Looks a wonderful place to fly, but a long way to get to it but would love to get there, so more info on where to park and where to fly from would be much appreciated , as I am over 80 years old driving now is a chore not a pleasure, any help with a safe location would be great, cheers Len

Simplest way is to head to the visitor’s centre, which has a huge car park. They run a regular bus service from the visitor centre up to the stones. I can’t recall if you have to pay for the bus service, but it’s handy if you don’t fancy carrying your drone - you can walk from the centre, it’s approximately 20 minutes and you do go over some uneven ground.

I did see that some people had parked up on the side roads near Stonehenge - this is free and pretty close. You will have to get into the fields nearby to get a clear TOAL spot. I’m not certain as to right-of-way/access to those fields though!