Stop motion video

Had a go at stop motion using my mp2 to photograph the setting of the i2 498 photographs later :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I like that. :+1:

Cheers pal :facepunch:t2:

@anon34183503 something like this to animate your next build?

That’s brilliant, very well done :clap::clap:
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Very cool! I like this

Cheers :+1:

Cheers Steve :+1:

Having never done anything like that, please can I ask a stupid question…

How is this done? Do you put the M2P up on a shelf, lay everything out, then move something “a bit”, take a photo, repeat 497 more times? So like a hyperlapse but you control when to shoot each frame.

Part of the reason I ask is I didn’t understand the border around the video. Like you’re using a weird lens or something?

I like the video though :+1::+1::+1:

Yes just as you said but then you have to group all the photos as one clip on fcpx the you have to shorten it the weird boarder around it is just to hide the cloth I put on the floor because you could see some of my carpet it took me about 4 hours in total moving each part 1/2 inch I have seen it before and it was my first attempt cheers lozzer :+1:

That is really good Grant @Grant.whb
Am so bored, I might even give it a go myself

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That’s why I had a go it was over Christmas when the weather was bad :+1:

Rich, this deserves a badge, “creative animation using a drone” :thinking::thinking:

Bless you Steve thanks :+1::facepunch:t2:

If you’re on OSX take a look at Zeitraffer, its a little freebie standalone timelapse editor.

Cheers Chris I will if it’s easier tha fcpx I’m up for that :+1:

Moving bacon to your bread Mick is not the same :grimacing:

That is ace @Grant.whb :+1:

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Any probs let me know, if you have issues finding a copy let me know (I’ve been using it years), I can always send you a copy over

Cheers :+1:

Thank you :+1:

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