Stretton Airfield

This is a former RNAS airfield, south of Warrington. It used to be possible to get in and wander around, but it is due to have a luxury home built on it, so now quite secure.


Great shot, :ok_hand:

Tractor driver is pissed though in the field next to the runway :beer::joy:


Nice one @kvetner my son was only asking the other day why don’t I fly over it how spooky, I use to live across the way from it and have gone over in a microlight many times supposed to have underground storage so I am told, Nice pano :+1:

Some of the original bunkers certainly survived a few years ago, not sure if they’re still there. It looks like building the new house hasn’t started so I may take a closer look some time …

That’s my old neck of the woods :slightly_smiling_face:

I lived in Appleton Thorn for 20 years bought an old house and renovated Jesus how it’s changed now

A guy I use to know owns a microlight airstrip adjacent to it could be handy :+1:

I was a Stockton Heath boy growing up. The Bridgewater Canal was at the top of my street. We’d ride up to stretton on our BMX bikes